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Smoke & Mirrors — August 5-14, 2016

Smoke & Mirrors

  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • directed by GEORGE ROBERT BAILEY
  • Auditions: May 2016
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    Christian Health Center
    920 S 4th Street
    Louisville, KY 40203

    Performances: August 5-14, 2016

    The Bard’s Town Theatre
    1801 Bardstown Road
    Louisville, KY 40205


  • Hamilton Orr: SEAN CHILDRESS
  • Sean’s recent credits include Sorn in “Stupid F$&@ing Bird” (The Bard’s Town); Various Roles in “Prevailing Winds” (Looking for Lilith Theater Company); James in “Circle Mirror Transformation” (Eve Theatre Company); Frank in “Body Awareness” (Looking for Lilith Theatre Company); Dr. Sweet in “Bug”; King Jester in “Bat Hamlet”; Josh in “2 Across” (Little Colonel Playhouse); Jack McCullough in “Regrets Only” (Pandora Productions); and with Louisville Repertory Company as President Charles H.P. Smith in “November”; Stanley Kowalski in “The Glass Mendacity”; Mitch in “A Streetcar Named Desire”; Limping Man in “Fuddy Meers”; Jonathan in “Arsenic and Old Lace”; Lloyd Dallas in “Noises Off”.
  • Barbara Orr: LEILA TOBA
  • Leila is thrilled to take part in her first performance with LRC as Barbara Orr. She has recently played Heather Duke in the regional premiere of “Heathers the Musical”. She also performed in “Evil Dead the Musical” as Linda and choreographer. She also starred as Suzette, in “Don’t Dress For Dinner”, American Maid in “The Tick”, and “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman!” as Lois Lane. She would like to thank her Director, Stage Manager, and “Colleagues” for the wonderful experience. Her performance is dedicated to her sister Machelle Toba and brother-in-law Justin Coats.
  • Clark Robinson: ANDREW MERTZ
  • Andrew is thrilled to be making his debut with Louisville Repertory Company. You might have seen him before as JD in the regional première of “Heathers the Musical”, as Arthur in “The Tick”, or Jim Morgan in “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Superman”. He would like to thank all the people who have supported him through his artistic endeavors.
  • Derek Coburn: DREW SPURRIER
  • This is Drew’s first time on the stage at The Bard’s Town. He is excited about this performance and having the opportunity to work with such an accomplished cast. He would like to thank George Robert Bailey for entrusting him with this role. Drew was last seen at Little Colonel Playhouse in the role of Robert in “Don’t Dress for Dinner”. Special thanks, love and appreciation goes out to Sharon Sommermeyer for her endless love and support. He also wants to thank his wonderful children, Josh and Julia, for making his role as dad so fulfilling.
  • Leroy Lumkpin: RICH WILLIAMS
  • Rich is honored to be doing his once a year play with such a talented bunch. He’s performed theatre in Orlando and Los Angeles, as well as in his native city of Louisville with companies such as LRC, Wayward Actors Company, As Yet Unnamed Theatre Company, Bunbury Theatre, and What If Theatre Company; and he has had too many roles to name a favorite. He’s also had a 20+ year career in TV and the movies, and is probably best known for his recent role as Larry in Melissa McCarthy’s 2014 movie Tammy. Thanks to George for the opportunity and the guidance, and for volunteering to take over his role in case he gets called away to a lucrative film that will pay for his prescriptions and a craft beer or two! Hope everybody enjoys the play and the not-so-bright Sheriff Leroy…or is he?


    George Robert Bailey is thrilled to direct his first play for Louisville Repertory Company, his first full length play at The Bard’s Town, and many fine actors he has directed before; Sean Childress in “2 Across” and “Circus Circus”, Drew Spurrier in “Don’t Dress for Dinner”, and Leila Toba in “The Spider and The Fly” and “Don’t Dress for Dinner”. He’s directed four times at Little Colonel Playhouse, will be directing the play “Barkersfield Mist” there in March 2017. His wife tries to remind him it’s bad taste to plug an upcoming project in another company’s program bio.

    One of the few things that never go out of style is a mystery. Perhaps the oldest of these goes all the way back to Oedipus Rex, in which the king “detective”, on the trail of the evil creature whose clues suggest he killed his own father and married his own mother, discovers that (spoiler alert here) he himself was the VILLIAN! The Greeks called this a tragedy, but probably most people left the theatre impressed by the clever writing. A shrewd mystery is indeed timeless.

    Some mysteries have risen from obscurity to turn out more relevant today than they were when written, as is the case with “Smoke & Mirrors”, conceived in the 1990’s as a starring vehicle for the writer himself, a well-known soap opera actor. In those days, the world of movie making was still obscure. To begin to learn or even understand the craft, it was necessary to take numerous classes or at the least have ready access to a great deal of money. Today, every movie, TV or theater show comes with extras behind the scenes, or even the director himself offering tips to the budding artist in the commentary or with short films attached as teasers to the project. Everyone involved now knows what a writer, producer, publicist or director does.

    The magic may be gone from the movie making craft, but the mystery surrounding the business of making a movie still survives, as do the hidden politics! And oh, how we all love a glimpse of those maneuverings, especially when it gets a little messy…a little ugly…Place it all on a large estate, on a lonely island, peopled with a mixed group of scheming, passionate artists and you have the perfect setting for the inevitable use of…“Smoke & Mirrors”.

  • Stage Manager: JANICE WALTER
  • Janice is thrilled to be working with a very talented director and cast in this very funny show! For most of this millennium, she’s been seen (and unseen) in many shows, including the recent “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead” (The Alley), The Addams Family Musical (Acting Against Cancer), and “Little Shop of Horrors” (Mind’s Eye). Up next is “Theater of Blood” (The Alley) in September 2016. She thanks Elliot for sacrificing his evening walks and for not killing Truman while Mom’s been away at rehearsal.

    This riveting mystery comedy will keep audiences guessing as they go on location to an isolated island off the Gulf Coast to watch power-hungry producer director Hamilton Orr lure his timid screenwriter Clark Robinson into a scheme to get rid of the insufferable star of their second multimillion dollar film. Their first film Vicksburg was a huge commercial success for Pegasus Pictures — despite the bad reviews. However, the screenwriter (Clark Robinson) doesn’t see it that way: he feels the director (Hamilton Orr) and lead actor (Derek Coburn) defiled his screenplay with their own corrupted version of his family history. So when the director’s wife (Barbara Orr) convinces Clark to meet with Hamilton at the Governor’s secluded private island getaway in the Gulf of Mexico to discuss a sequel, he hesitantly agrees. After all — maybe this time they can do away with all the flaws…or the person responsible for them! The plot hinges on the rehearsal of a suicide scene, and the only witness to the murder is Hamilton’s wife Barbara, the film’s quirky publicist and Clark’s former lover. But things never work out quite the way you think when Hollywood is involved. The wily, eccentric sheriff (Leroy Lumkpin) unearths one surprise after another until the final stunning revelation. Can Sheriff Lumpkin unravel this mess before the Governor calls to find out why there is a dead body in his mansion during an election year?

    Presented by Samuel French, Inc.

    "…a very entertaining show…and one that is really worth checking out…"
    — Craig Nolan Highley,
    Whofish Events

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